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The Unprecedented Research Study from Rutgers University

  A little Q & A

How can I learn to do this?

Answer:   Understandably, this is the Number One Question asked. Unfortunately, we do not yet have much of an answer. To date, we have not found funding or research sponsorship for a true investigation into the Male Refractory Period (MRP) and the Research Subject's MRP-free sexual physiology.
Until such research is funded, sponsored, and conducted, we cannot intelligently comment on how others might also be able to overcome this universal male sexual limitation...

...and neither can anyone else


You say this is the first study to ever document this?  Sorry, but that's a bit hard to believe!  No one in history has ever been documented being able to do this?

Answer:   Historically speaking, there is not a single specifically documented case of such a male sexual capacity to be found anywhere in recorded history, except as alluded to in ancient Sumerian accounts.

In fact, this MRP-free multiorgasmic capacity has apparently always been considered so above earthly sexual experience that for more than 500 years the Islamic religion considers such possible only to the "Elected Ones" to whom Allah will impart this exclusive male sexual capacity after death:

"Each time we sleep with a houri we find her a virgin. Besides, the penis of the Elected never softens. The erection is eternal; the sensation that you feel each time you make love is utterly delicious and out of this world and were you to experience it in this world you would faint. Each chosen one [i.e., Muslim male] will marry seventy houris, [i.e., virgins] besides the women he married on earth, and all will have appetizing vaginas."   (as quoted here and elsewhere online.)

- Imam Jalaluddin Al-Suyuti (d. 1505 CE), Al-'Itqan fi 'ulum al-Qur'an, p. 351.

(Author's Note:  It is in large part due to this promised "eternal" sexual capacity, along with the coinciding promise of 70+ virgins with whom to enjoy it, that continues most to motivate extremist Islamic men to commit mass murder and suicide terrorist attacks against "infidel" populations worldwide.  Thus were research to make possible such an "eternal" orgasmic capacity in this life, perhaps such Islamic men might be less inclined to so violently leave it.)

And scientifically speaking, there exists not a single study of such a natural male multiorgasmic capacity anywhere in the annals of history, either.


Past Texts and Accounts

  • Anciently, in China and India particularly, males discovered that natural ejaculation triggered a physiological response that required males to endure a "down" time.  This was characterized by a loss of erection, usually accompanied by an equal loss of desire and arousal.  So, spiritual philosophies arose providing males with the "sour grapes" attitude that this was for the best, as somehow ejaculation drained a man of his physical and sexual energy (termed "T'ai Ching" by the Chinese) and therefore should be avoided at all cost.

    Voluntary techniques were discovered which allowed a man to experience "mini-orgasms" which were cut short by manipulating certain pelvic muscle groups. These voluntary manipulations were learned and used to stop ejaculation so as to avoid the subsequent Male Refractory Period (MRP) - and thereby preserve and retain the male's "T'ai Ching."

India came up with its own version of these same techniques and philosophy:  Tantra.  Today known by such terms as "Extended Sexual Orgasm" (E.S.O.) and "psychic orgasm", Tantric Sex bases its principles upon variations of the same sexual philosophy as developed in China.

Previous Scientific Studies  

    • Unfortunately, not much has changed in 4,000 years.  Today, despite the claims of countless charlatans hawking every sort of concoction, vitamin supplement, technique regimen, etc., males have no more choices now than they did 4,000 years ago. And, should they master these "techniques," they can only hope, at best, to mimic the female's natural sexual capacity and potential.


    • Unbelievably, while present scientific research continues to make incredible breakthroughs on many fronts, the Male Refractory Period (MRP) and its causes have never been targeted for research.  All previous studies have only observed male sexual response and documented the ejaculatory-control techniques developed anciently.

      During this century, the following scientific studies have been conducted documenting the sexual response of males who have learned these techniques. While terming these males "multiorgasmic," each of these studies makes it quite clear that these males are not capable of experiencing natural multiple orgasms, as do females. Thus, they are not truly multiorgasmic. These males possess the same limited sexual physiologies as do all other males.

Okay, so what exactly is "true" multiorgasmic response?  

Answer:  Natural multiple orgasms, plain and simple.  No interrupting or impeding ejaculation, no required "techniques," nothing to interfere or interrupt the human sexual potential for unlimited pleasure.

In other words, the natural sexual capacity almost all women are physiologically capable of, and have been enjoying for millennia.

So, you're saying ALL women are multiorgasmic???  

Answer:  No, of course not.  Women's libidoes and/or orgasmic needs vary from woman to woman as much as does the male sex drive from man to man.  However, unlike with men, women's sexual physiologies do not require that they endure a refractory period following natural orgasm.  Thus, all women at least possess the potential and the capacity for multiple orgasms.

Inversely speaking however, no matter how great a man's sex drive, he will still experience a refractory period following natural orgasm and ejaculation whether he likes it or not.  Thus, for him, true multiple orgasms are not possible --

-- or so we have been told!


  Hmm, well then "true" MALE multiorgasmic response...?  

Answer: this "impossible" male sexual capacity which was scientifically documented for the first time by the Rutgers research team:  natural multiple orgasms with full ejaculation each time, and with no refractory period in evidence.

But, if "true" male multiorgasmic response is "impossible," how were you able to document it?
Answer:  Good question.  First off, this capacity is obviously not impossible, after all.   However, until the male Subject of this study contacted the Rutgers researchers with his seemingly outrageous claims and succeeded in exhibiting same for them, this capacity in the male was considered "physiologically impossible."

Having been born, according to him, with no MRP in his sexual response cycle, it was very important to the Subject to have this "impossible" capacity scientifically documented.  And so, after receiving a small grant with which to conduct an initial study, this unprecedented male sexual capacity was finally "discovered" and documented.  Thus, unlike all previous studies, this study is the first to document in the male the same unlimited orgasmic potential previously considered to only be possible for females.  

Okay, so they were real orgasms.  So what?  Why is this important?  

  • Answer:  Why are real, multiple orgasms important?  For the most important reason of all:  pleasure.

    Techniques that interrupt orgasm have been scientifically shown to interrupt pleasure.  This is why multiorgasmic women have never bothered with them.  It is our hope to someday offer men this same option.


So, then, you're saying there are "real" multiple orgasms, and then there are "false" ones?

Answer:   Not exactly, no.  Where males are able to add to their sexual options, and to thus prolong the sexual pleasure of their female partners, more power to them!

It is certainly not the intention of this study, nor of this website, to invalidate the orgasmic experiences of all males who have made the effort to become proficient in such techniques. 

Tantric sex is a great boon to human sexuality in that it has always celebrated sensuality throughout the centuries.  In the continuation of this celebration, this study and website offer the first real hope that perhaps male sexuality holds within the potential for full orgasmic quality and quantity, rather than mere mini-orgasmic quantity.

Then, can men really experience true orgasm(s), complete with full, natural ejaculation, yet not experience a refractory period afterwards?
Answer:   At present this is not known.   What is hoped, however, is that where one man exists who is "immune" to MRP, it might be possible to investigate and discover why. Thereafter, it is further hoped that such an understanding might eventually result in possible future benefits for all men -- and therefore, women.
This website introduces the first research study ever to scientifically document the fact that some men -- or at least the one in our study -- do not experience MRP, at all, even after several natural, fully ejaculatory, true multiple orgasms -- something "modern" science has long determined to be "physiologically impossible."  And now that the "impossible" has been documented, it is imperative that research be conducted to re-evaluate the true potentials of male sexual capacity.  

When will this research be conducted?

Answer:  Just as soon as a research entity and funding are attained.

While we are not soliciting funding from private individuals, we are investigating funding avenues in the public sector and from public and private organizations. 


Should anyone visiting this site represent such an organization, we would welcome an email.











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