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  The Unprecedented Research Study from Rutgers University


No "multiorgasmic" (ejaculatory-control) techniques were used during this study.  Unlike those required for all other male "multiorgasmic" studies, none were needed, here. Again, this is the first study to scientifically document the real thing.

By definition, true multiple orgasms are natural, fully ejaculatory, uninterrupted orgasms. Thus, as the Research Subject's sexual physiology does not happen to include a Male Refractory Period (MRP), no such techniques were used during the Rutgers study.

Of course while that's great for him, what about the rest of us?

Until further research can begin to unlock the secrets behind MRP, the only means known to prolong sexual functioning in the male after orgasm is through the use of ejaculatory-control techniques.  Thus, while still not on equal ground with their female multiorgasmic counterparts, through the use of such techniques males can at least - literally - keep "up."


  So... What Are These "Ejaculatory-Control" Techniques?

In ancient China and India, voluntary techniques were first documented which, when used, kept natural ejaculation from occurring -- and thus, also kept the refractory period from occurring, as well. These ejaculation-stopping manuevers are what allow men to mimic the true multiple orgasms women experience.  Of course, these techniques come at a cost.  And that cost is, ironically, pleasure.

One of the latest of these books to rehash and capitalize on these millennias-old techniques is "The Multi-Orgasmic Man" (Chia & Arava, 1996).  These same techniques can also be found in "Any Man Can" (Hartman & Fithian, 1984), "How to Make Love All Night" (Keesling, 1994), and all other books on the subject, both modern and ancient.

A brief summary of the ancient ejaculatory-control techniques contained in "The Multi-Orgasmic Man", along with an insightful review of this book, can be found at  


At the above-referenced website, the unidentified author of the review prefaces his/her remarks with an erudite critique of the philosophical Taoist premise upon which these techniques are based:

"Where 'The Multi-Orgasmic Man' takes a few steps outside of its grounding in sex research is in its approach to ejaculation.  This book advances the argument that ejaculating is bad for men's overall health, and suggests enjoying non-ejaculatory multiple orgasms so that pleasure may be enhanced AND so that ejaculation may be avoided.  In support of their argument that ejaculation is bad for health, the authors cite 1) a study that showed a certain species of male worm lives longer if it doesn't ejaculate, 2) that men get tired after orgasm, and 3) that ancient Chinese Taoist practitioners thought ejaculation was bad for overall health.

"This hits the heart of my major criticism of this book.  The authors don't make the case that the worm studies carry over into humans, and in fact fail to cite any evidence that (say) celibate people live longer than cassa novas (sic).  They also don't show that getting tired (post ejaculation) affects *long-term* health.  What the authors do instead is to continually repeat that ejaculation is bad for health because 'ancient Taoist masters said it was.'  Unless you're already inclined to Taoism, you're unlikely to find these arguments about ejaculation to be very convincing."

For more information on male "multiorgasmic" ejaculatory-control techniques via the Internet, we highly recommend the website .


While a Useful Option, These Techniques Shown to Inhibit Pleasure

In 1989, Dr. Prakash Kothari conducted a comprehensive scientific study on a "multiorgasmic" male using these ejaculatory-control techniques.  Kothari found that as a direct result of the use of these techniques...  

... "The intensity of orgasmic pleasure is reduced in (male) multiorgasm."

(read the entire quote here)


Of course, revealing this fact does not sell books, which is why only here will you find the truth.  


MRP The True Issue, not Ejaculation ...

While these techniques do provide men a potentially valuable option to the stereotypical one-orgasm-per-erection scenario, they do require that men sacrifice the full pleasures of orgasm so as to prolong their erections.  

It's time that men in general, and science in particular, realize that MRP is the true issue, not ejaculation and its natural and very real pleasures.  And now that the conquest of MRP has finally been documented, it's time we realized that the True Male Sexual Potential is far greater than has ever before been imagined.








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