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Rutgers University, College of Nursing
  The Unprecedented Research Study from Rutgers University


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On January 15, 1995, Rutgers University conducted a ground-breaking research study documenting natural male multiple orgasm for the first time*, thus redefining currently accepted estimations of the male sexual potential. This website showcases this unprecedented research study and readdresses many of the previously held assumptions regarding male sexual response, in general, and the Male Refractory Period, in particular.

*"Male Multiple Ejaculatory Orgasms: A Case Study"
The Journal of Sex Education and Therapy    

JSET 23:2:157-162, 1998    (Click to view published study abstract)



During the study, the Research Subject -- the only man known to have been born without a Male Refractory Period  -- permitted Rutgers researchers to scientifically monitor him as he experienced six fully ejaculatory orgasms in 36 minutes, exhibiting for the Rutgers team the same natural physiological capacity for multiple orgasms as only females were previously known to possess.

No decrease or loss of erection was observed.  No ejaculatory-control techniques, special diets, exercises, drugs, vitamin supplements, etc., were needed or used.

As a result of this study, researchers are beginning to reconsider the true potentials of male sexual response. To this end, this website provides both researchers and the General Public the opportunity to know many of the details of this case study and consider for themselves the facts regarding true male multiorgasmic response.

Presented at this website:

  • A detailed graphical overview of this unprecedented research study including key excerpts from the published study, as appeared in the Journal of Sex Education and Therapy
  • The truth regarding male orgasm, both ejaculatory and non-ejaculatory, and thus the truth regarding what previous studies have erroneously termed "male multiple orgasm"
  • The inherent universal male sexual limitation responsible for sexually and emotionally sabotaging heterosexual relationships, and the portents for the future of all male/female relations should this sexual limitation be ultimately eradicated through further research

  • The provocative historical possibilities behind this rare, unlimited male sexual capacity whose origins predate the Egyptian civilization and
    would also appear to be the truth behind the "vampire" legends of the
    Nosferatu and the "Watchers" (Fallen Angels).







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